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The same way a personal trainer helps get your body in shape, and a coach helps elite athletes win championships, GKP Consultants empowers successful business leaders to transform good companies into great companies. 

Our special blend of training and personalized coaching will uncover your true potential to implement change and inspire your employees.

If you are looking to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and create a happier work environment you need to identify the areas to improve and then implement a customized program that will maximize your results.

Do you face an overwhelming workload and feel pressure to work overtime?

Then you need to look closely at the most common factors contributing to this situation, i.e. poor planning, procrastination, daily interruptions and an overall lack of focus. These are all symptoms that can easily be addressed through the proper training.

> Discover proven strategies to de-clutter your mind and free up more headroom for strategic planning.
> Spend more time focusing on top priorities and less time searching for files, sitting in meetings or putting out fires.
> Create a measurable impact on the effectiveness of mission critical initiatives such as leadership, communication, delegation and team building.

Achieving overall business fitness requires a balanced approach that connects the key organizational components outlined on the right.

Our solutions can best be described as a toolbox of capabilities that can be customized to your specific strengths and weaknesses.

Call us today for a no obligation Discovery Meeting to assess your needs.

Work Smarter Not Harder… 

Physical Organization
Discover 3 simple systems you can implement immediately to organize your work space and improve your daily habits. When you’re physically organized you spend less time looking for stuff and more time working on the things that matter.

Mental Organization
Free your mind and the rest will follow. The key here is to plan everything and be more realistic with your time. If your mind is clear and focused you will eliminate re-work, maximize your resources and get more done in less time.

Electronic Organization
Technology is meant to simplify your life, not make it more complicated. We’ll show you how to maximize the use of your tools to reduce response times, eliminate interruptions and manage your electronic mail and files more effectively.

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