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Below is just a sample of the many tips and advice featured in our Business Fitness coaching and training programs. If you would like to learn more about how you and your organization can benefit from these techniques and others, please contact us today to schedule a no obligation Discovery Meeting to properly assess your needs.

  • Plan daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly!
  • Use your calendar to plan your week in detail
  • Block time in your calendar for ALL your “to do” items
  • Manage & negotiate your OWN time
  • Do ONE thing at a time
  • Touch paper once. Listen to messages once. Open & read emails once.
  • Delegate or swap everything you can
  • Always be on time (for deadlines, due dates, meetings…)
  • Separate your hot, warm and cold files

  • Process all your mail (electronic + paper + voice) daily
  • Label everything (files, emails, documents, DVDs, CDs, manuals…)
  • Group similar things together and file them vertically
  • Find a (hidden) home for everything
  • Send/leave ONE subject per message (email & voice mail)
  • Stop playing telephone tag and set-up phone meetings
  • Set-up a follow-up system in your calendar

  • Drag emails that require you “to do” something into your calendar

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